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With NCKU and Purdue University’s partnership, U.S. consultant professor Dr. Freel instructed the establishment of Sanitary Engineering Laboratory in the Department of Civil Engineering, allowing students to conduct water supply and sewage engineering analysis. It was the first to be established in the universities of Taiwan.



Civil Engineering Graduate School of NCKU was established with Sanitary Engineering Graduate Program, in order to develop future teachers and research professionals of Sanitary Engineering expertise in Taiwan. Mostly focused on solving industrial wastewater problems at the early stage.



NCKU’s Department of Hydraulic Engineering extended a sanitary engineering program, students take classes with students from Civil Engineering who chose sanitary engineering as elective course.



Ministry of Education approved the establishment of sanitary engineering program in the Department of Civil Engineering with independent enrollment.


1976 s

Department of Environment Engineering established with independent enrollment. 



Moved to the environmental engineering department in Kuangfu Campus.



Environmental Engineering Graduates School established, with independent enrollment of graduates.



Environmental Engineering Graduates School was approved of the establishment of the doctoral school.



Teaching and research fields extended to five areas including Water, Air, Wastes, Environmental Planning, and Soil and Groundwater.



New department building of Environmental Engineering officially opened( Chengkung Campus), dividing into the front and rear building, sharing the rear building with the Department of Civil Engineering.